June 13, 2022
AC service in Coral Springs, FL

One of the ways to save energy is to zone your home, so the temperature of individual rooms can be independently handled. HVAC dampers are the key to having zoned heating and cooling. By having a zoned HVAC system, you’ll save energy and have a comfortable home.

What is an HVAC Damper?

An HVAC damper blocks airflow when it’s closed and allows airflow when it’s open. They’re placed out 4-6 feet from the main ductwork. Some must be opened and closed manually, while others can be controlled remotely. There are five types of HVAC dampers.

Butterfly Flat Dish Damper

This type of HVAC damper is low maintenance and has high efficiency. It has a blade on a fin that restricts the flow of air when closed. As it completely fills the duct, it can completely and effectively stop airflow.

Louver Damper

Louver dampers are the most commonly used type of HVAC damper. It can fill any size of duct. This type of HVAC damper is known for its strong air blocking capability.

Blade Damper

This type of damper has thin metal plates that restrict the flow of air. They have a high sealing capacity and produce less noise than other HVAC dampers.

Guillotine Damper

Guillotine Dampers provide the best seal possible. They are used to completely block the flow of air. They can be used to temporarily block airflow when your HVAC system is being tuned up.

Inlet Valve Damper

This type of HVAC damper is used for fan inlet applications where pressure control is needed. As it decreases pressure and airflow, it reduces energy costs.

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