Indoor Air Quality in Southern Florida

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    Brisk Air provides indoor air quality services in Coral Springs, FL. Washing your hands and covering sneezes will help prevent the spread of colds and flu. Wiping down surfaces and vacuuming carpets will help remove some allergens. But sometimes, it’s not enough. Fortunately, there are additional IAQ methods in the South Florida area that are even easier and provide powerful solutions.

    HVAC Ultraviolet Lights

    An HVAC UV light is based on Nobel Prize-winning technology inspired by the natural sterilizing properties of the sun. When microbes are exposed to the UV light, their DNA is destroyed, they die and are unable to reproduce.

    This light is installed inside of your system, where it is harmless to your home’s or business’s occupants.

    Better Indoor Air Quality

    The IAQ you deserve is easily achievable.

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    Air Purifier

    A UV light is one type of purifier. Brisk Air also offers advanced filters that trap all types of small particles. These filters are also effective at clearing the air of smoke particles and compounds that contribute to sick building syndrome, a big health threat. They are not installed in the ducts and can target specific rooms.

    Washable Lifetime Electrostatic Filter

    Changing your AC air filter is crucial for maintaining your system. But the same air filter that you replace periodically can be replaced by an electrostatic washable lifetime electrostatic filter. They are up to 25 times more effective, using electrostatic technology for microscopic particles to stick to.

    Without a filter in this location, your system would get clogged up and your HVAC system would blow more dust, dirt, allergens and microscopic health threats into your air. A regular filter catches some of it; a washable lifetime electrostatic filter can trap most of it.

    Choose Brisk Air For Fresh Air

    Brisk Air can assess the indoor air quality in your Coral Springs, FL, home or business and help match you with the ideal solution. We’re based off of values of honesty and integrity, and we’re interested in problem-solving, not simply providing a bandaid or selling a product.

    Air Scrubber with ActivePure® Technology

    Looking for cleaner air? A high-quality air scrubber might be the solution. With ActivePure® Technology, not just bad odors and dust is removed from the air but harmful contaminants are also removed. Clean and protect your air with the leading company in the air scrubber industry, ActivePure®.

    Benefits of ActivePure® Technology:
    • Purifies the air, and reduces dust particles without using ozone
    • Helps reduce harmful bacterias and viruses from the air and home surfaces
    • Reduces allergens in the air that trigger asthma and other respiratory problems
    • Effective against MRSA, E. coli
    • Helps reduce odors and increases sleep quality

    Contact Brisk Air today to have an air scrubber installed in your home. Not sure if you need one? Set up a consultation appointment with one of our technicians today!

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