September 9, 2019

When it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, replacing your air filters is crucial. The air filter is responsible for trapping contaminants and dust that circulate in the building as the HVAC system is in use. Over time, the air filter is prone to becoming dirty and clogged. Here are a few main reasons you should change your AC’s air filter.

1. Remove Odors

Odors and unusual smells can circulate in the building when there’s a dirty air filter installed, which can affect the quality of the setting and how fresh it smells. Installing a new filter will trap smoke, smells from food and odors from bacteria or dirt that circulate. With the use of a new filter, you can maintain a cleaner environment that allows you to feel more comfortable.

2. Reduce Your Energy Bill

Installing new air filters will not only create a cleaner setting, but it can also allow you to save more money throughout the year. Clean filters promote proper airflow, which can prevent the HVAC system from operating harder than necessary when it’s in use. With the improved operation, you can reduce your energy consumption, which will lead to hundreds of dollars in savings throughout the year.

3. Protect Your Health

Many people don’t realize how much the air quality in their home affects their health. The air you breathe in when you spend time at home has a huge impact on your body. When you install a new air filter every two to three months, you can protect your health by preventing harmful contaminants and dust from circulating in the building whenever the home is heated or cooled.

Professional HVAC Services

Feel free to contact Brisk Air in Coral Springs, FL, at your convenience to learn more about the benefits of changing your air filter in your air conditioner throughout the year. Our technicians can also assist you with heating and indoor air quality services on your property.

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