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    Air Duct Cleaning Services in FloridaAir ducts are easy to ignore. You’ll usually never look at them, and they aren’t the star of the show in your HVAC system. However, they play an essential part, and when dust and dirt accumulate in them, it can be quite problematic. In the winter, you might occasionally notice the highly unpleasant odor of burning hair if your ducts have not been cleaned recently. Dirty ducts can cause several other problems as well.

    Brisk Air specializes in duct cleaning and can help homeowners and businesses in Coral Springs and surrounding areas maintain clear air ducts. Get your air ducts cleaned and get rid of dirty duct problems! Contact us today!

    Common Problems From Dirty Ducts
    • Health Issues – If you have allergy-like symptoms when you’re in your home that seem to disappear when you go outdoors, it is probably a problem with your indoor air quality. Eliminating some of the allergens in your ducts may bring you relief.
    • Bad Air Conditioning Efficiency – The biggest danger of not cleaning your ducts is that dust and dirt may collect on your AC coil or other AC parts and hurt the unit’s efficiency.

    In severe cases, mold and mildew can grow in your ducts, creating a significant health hazard.

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    The quality of your cooling depends on your ducts.

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    We Also Modify Ductwork in Coral Springs!

    During a cleaning session, we can inspect your ducts to see if there are any gaps, leaks or improper installations. We’ll give our best recommendation about where to go from there, and the choice to get it repaired is up to you.

    Consider that:
    • It’s estimated that most people lose about 20 – 30% of the energy used to cool through improperly designed ductwork, or hundreds of dollars each year.
    • Quick fixes such as duct tape will not produce long-term solutions.
    • Gaps in ducts can occur even in properly installed ductwork over time.

    We always strive to go above and beyond to suggest HVAC improvements where we can, but if all you want is a cleaning, we would never push an additional service.

    Our expert service removes dust, debris, and allergens, enhancing your home’s comfort. Enjoy improved respiratory health, increased HVAC efficiency, and a fresher living environment with duct cleaning from the team at Brisk Air. Book service today or learn more about the importance of duct cleaning. We also provide answers to frequently asked questions about duct cleaning and other HVAC issues.

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    Brisk Air is trusted as an honest HVAC company that sincerely looks to help the community. Call us at (954) 369-1639 for thorough air duct cleaning in Coral Springs that will help eliminate IAQ threats and look after the efficiency of your AC system. We also provide air duct repair and custom duct replacements!