March 16, 2023
AC service in Coral Springs, FL

Welcome to spring, when the days start getting longer and the temperatures begin to warm up! Your air conditioning system has been hibernating all winter, and it’s time to give it a much-needed spring clean.

Fortunately, spring cleaning your AC system doesn’t have to be a chore. With these four simple steps, you can get your system ready for the warmer months ahead and make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

1. Clear the Exterior Unit

The exterior unit of your air conditioning system can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over the winter months. Make sure to clear any leaves, twigs, or other blockages from the vents and grilles of the unit. This helps to ensure the air can flow freely, improving the efficiency of your system.

2. Change the Filter

Your air conditioning filter should be changed every three months to keep it running at its peak performance. A dirty filter will reduce the efficiency of your system and could even cause it to break down, so be sure to check and replace your filter before turning your system on for the season.

3. Clean the Condenser

The condenser is part of your air conditioning system that releases heat, and it’s important to keep it clean. Remove any dirt or debris, then spray it down with a hose to clear away any built-up grime.

4. Get a Professional Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are the pathways through which cool air travels. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in these ducts, reducing the efficiency of your system and even causing blockages. To ensure everything is running smoothly, it’s a good idea to get a professional duct cleaning once a year.

Each of these steps is included in an annual maintenance visit with Brisk Air, Inc. We offer heating, cooling, air duct cleaning, indoor air quality, and HVAC maintenance services to residents of Coral Springs, FL, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and schedule your maintenance visit!

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