July 13, 2021
Broken Thermostat in Coral Springs, FL

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning system, then the first place to look should be the thermostat. Typically, a thermostat is responsible for controlling all the functionalities of your HVAC unit. Therefore, if your thermostat breaks down, you might want to think that your cooling and heating equipment is faulty. However, though this might be the case, a failing thermostat is always the first culprit. You can tell that your thermostat is not working if you identify the following signs.

1. Failure to Turn On

Generally, your thermostat is where you switch your HVAC on and off. Therefore, if you notice that your air conditioning is failing to turn on, it is probable that your thermostat is broken. Essentially, you might also notice a response failure where the air conditioning unit does not respond to thermostat settings.

2. Failure of the HVAC System to Turn Off

If your thermostat is broken and not working as expected, your air conditioner might constantly run without switching off.

3. Mismatch in Temperature Figures

You may find that the temperatures you have set on your thermostat are dissimilar to the room temperatures. This indicates that your thermostat is broken and it has failed to harmonize the temperature settings.

4. Loss of Programmed Settings

If your thermostat keeps losing your settings, then it is broken. A thermostat should keep your preferred settings for better service and home air conditioning. Lost settings might lead to inconsistent air conditioning.

5. Short Cycles

In addition to the issues already mentioned, your air conditioner might also run in very short cycles and therefore fail to complete the cooling or heating cycles.

If your thermostat fails to work, then your home won’t be comfortable. If you observe any of these listed signs, it is time to seek assistance from a professional. At Brisk Air, we offer repair services for HVAC systems, heating and cooling equipment installations, and maintenance services to Coral Springs residents. For more information, contact Brisk Air experts today and get assistance.

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