March 15, 2022
Space Heater in Coral Springs, FL

Are you considering using a space heater to heat your home this winter? With your furnace likely skyrocketing your energy bills, it’s understandable to consider cheaper alternatives. Here’s what you need to know about space heaters and furnaces.


A furnace will heat an entire house to a set temperature. This system protects your home from the worst of the cold weather. However, older houses often struggle with cold spots and drafty rooms that never heat up all the way. A furnace also costs a lot to run each day and requires regular maintenance to ensure efficiency.

Constantly using your furnace can feel expensive if you’re on a tight budget. However, with professional maintenance, you can minimize your costs and keep your residence fully heated. A furnace is the safest and most thorough way to warm your residence.

Space Heater

Space heaters might seem like an attractive alternative to a furnace. They’re smaller, and they don’t require as much energy. While they’re somewhat efficient at heating medium-sized areas, buying too many can quickly increase your costs. You shouldn’t try to heat your entire home by only using space heaters. Some use electricity, while others burn fuel. Remember that either type of space heater can pose a severe risk to your home if it’s knocked over or put too close to flammable objects.

Rely on your furnace to provide most of your heating needs. You can then set space heaters in key areas that need extra warmth.

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