January 12, 2022
Carbon Monoxide Leak Prevention in Coral Springs, FL

Your furnace performs a critical function in your home, providing a safe and comfortable temperature for your family and guests. V Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that poses many health risks when inhaled, causing dizziness, loss of consciousness, and other symptoms.

What Creates a Carbon Monoxide Leak?

Carbon monoxide forms when your furnace fails to completely burn fuel. Incomplete combustion inside the furnace leads to a buildup of carbon monoxide that circulates throughout the home. This buildup is often caused by a crack in a flue pipe or the heat exchanger.

Three Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide

Reduced airflow may contribute to the buildup of carbon monoxide in your furnace, so it’s important to change your filter as scheduled and to ensure your ductwork is free of obstructions.

1. Routine Maintenance

Our Brisk Air Home Comfort Club Maintenance Plan is a great way to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. When you join our Comfort Club, one of our knowledgeable technicians will ensure your furnace is performing at optimal levels. Preventative maintenance helps to keep your furnace in proper working order to limit the risk of carbon monoxide buildup. Our maintenance plan also provides an opportunity to detect existing issues.

2. Proper Size and Installation

Improper system installation may also cause carbon monoxide buildup. Undersized systems, inadequate ductwork, or improperly installed blower motors may also cause a buildup of carbon monoxide. Trust the pros at Brisk Air to size and install the right furnace for your home.

3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Active monitoring with carbon monoxide detectors is a great way to detect problems before they risk your family’s health. This affordable option can ensure that your home remains free of gas buildups.

Let Us Put Our Experience to Work for You

At Brisk Air, we have proudly served the people of the Coral Springs, FL, area since 1972. Our skilled technicians combine years of experience with the latest techniques and training to provide the pinnacle of services to our customers. Besides preventative maintenance, we offer commercial and residential heating, cooling, repairs, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality services. Give us a call today to discuss how we can partner with you for all your HVAC needs.

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