Mini Splits in Weston, FLThe benefits of mini-splits for homes in Weston, FL can hardly be overstated. If you’re considering a ductless air conditioner for your residence, you probably know some of this already, but for those who aren’t familiar with these systems, let’s explain a few things. A mini-split is actually a ductless heat pump. In other words, this device can heat or cool a space by moving warm air to or from it. The only difference between this and a larger heat pump is that a mini-split only has enough capacity to heat or cool a single room.

    This makes the system ideal for outbuildings like tool sheds and garages that a homeowner’s preexisting ductwork cannot reach. It also works well in room additions and in attic spaces. Owners of historic homes that may not have the space for ductwork also opt for this system. By installing multiple units, you could get the equivalent of whole-house cooling. With one compressor, you could hook up eight air handlers.

    Advantages of Weston Mini-Splits

    The first advantage to a mini-split is that it’s easy to install and maintain. You avoid the hassle of installing ductwork, and since ducts can provide a way for thieves to break in, your home remains more secure. The refrigerant line will need a hole in your wall to connect to the air handler, but this will only be three inches wide. As for the air handler, it’s so compact and stylish that you won’t have trouble mounting it on the wall of your room and making it fit in with your surroundings.

    Above all, Weston residents buy mini-splits for these reasons:
    • Durability and a long life span
    • Quiet, energy-efficient performance
    • The comfort that comes with multi-zone cooling
    • The convenience of features like directional airflow
    Advantages of Weston Mini-Splits

    If maintained properly, a mini-split AC can last up to 30 years, and when it runs, it’s able to deliver all the cool air that’s generated straight into your room. Experts say you could cut down your energy bill significantly by using mini-splits as opposed to a ducted heat pump. The latter can lose as much as 30% of its conditioned air through holes and leaks in the ductwork. And, since each air handler has its own thermostat, your family members can set the temperature in their rooms as they like.

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