Mini Splits in Parkland, FLMini-splits allow you to regulate the temperature of different rooms in your Parkland, FL building. If your home or business doesn’t have ductwork or can’t accommodate the conventional heating and cooling unit, a mini-split system is a perfect solution. Also, for homeowners with a multi-family house, switching to a ductless air conditioner will ensure all rooms get adequate cooling or heating. These innovative systems provide versatile and powerful heating or cooling for your entire house to help your loved ones or employees stay comfortable.

    Exceptional Ductless Air Conditioner Services

    Unlike the traditional air conditioners, mini-split units come in smaller sizes, providing you with more flexibility. Therefore, you can have a dedicated unit for each room that works independently. You can use a remote or thermostat to optimize the temperature around your house. If your business premise has limited space or you live in an older home in Parkland, you can benefit from a ductless air conditioning system.

    Mini-splits consist of indoor and outdoor components. A technician mounts the interior unit on a high wall to allow air transfer into a room. Instead of relying on a duct system, mini-split systems connect to an external compressor via a refrigerant. The indoor unit links to an external system with a power cable, suction tubing, and condensate drain line. The outdoor unit allows you to connect various indoor ductless air conditioning systems. Most ductless air conditioners have a remote control, making it easier to set the desired temperatures.

    Here are four ways you’ll benefit from having a mini-split unit in your home or enterprise in Parkland.
    • Better air quality
    • Quiet operation
    • Flexible and versatile
    • Higher energy efficiency
    Exceptional Ductless Air Conditioner Services

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    At Brisk Air, we are proud to offer top-notch ductless air conditioning services in Parkland. Whenever you need a professional who has the knowledge and expertise in mini-splits, we are a call away. Our technicians start by evaluating your business or home to determine the right ductless air conditioning size and model that suits your space. We also help you remove the conventional system cleanly and safely and ensure all connections work. Our team will install your new mini-split unit, including all the components, refrigerant lines, filters, and conduits. We’ll then make the necessary tests to ensure the system works well.

    Our technicians are highly trained in the latest technologies to deliver unmatched ductless air conditioning services. Since we started offering heating and cooling services in 1972, our priority has been to provide quality services. Even if you have trouble with your unit, we will respond to your call within minutes. You can always depend on our experts whenever you need superior ductless air conditioner services in Liberty Park or Parkland Golf & Country Club areas.

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