August 16, 2020

Many unused spaces or bathrooms can develop a musty odor over time. This odor is the result of mold growth and can indicate harmful odors and particulates circulating in your home. Having an air purifier in your home can help remove the musty odor of mold as well as a wide variety of other strong smells that could make your home a less pleasant place to spend time.

Benefits of Quality Air Purification

A quality air purification system can not only remove odors from the air in your home but can keep it clean as well. Most filters have a variety of methods for removing both particles from the air and volatile organic compounds. Both of these pollutants can cause health problems if left to circulate in your home long term.

Using Activated Carbon Filters

To get rid of odors, it’s important that your air purifier has an activated carbon filter in it. These filters can remove gas from the air through adsorption and can leave clean and fresh air in your home. They are highly porous and have a large surface area so that they can remove a lot of odor from the air. They should be checked every month and replaced regularly to ensure optimum efficiency.

Purifier Installation and Maintenance

Brisk Air can help you choose the right air purifier for your needs. We’ll make sure that everything gets installed properly to ensure optimal operation.

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