September 15, 2023
The Top 5 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time to Replace Your HVAC System

Heating and air conditioning systems tend to suffer catastrophic failures during the most intense weather patterns. This leaves you often replacing your system as an emergency. Consider the top five reasons why fall is the best time to replace your system when you plan ahead instead of waiting for the failure to happen.

1. You’re Less Reliant on Your Equipment

Fall is a time of year when you’re least reliant on your HVAC system. It’s cool enough that you don’t need your AC. At the same time, it isn’t cold enough yet to warrant running your heat, allowing you to stay comfortable while an HVAC team works on your system.

2. More Scheduling Options

Fall is one of the slowest times for HVAC companies, especially for installing new systems. This means that you don’t have to wait as long for an installer’s availability and that the heating and AC models you want are likely in stock.

3. Manufacturer Rebates

Being a slower time of year for HVAC work, system manufacturers see a slowing in system sales. To counteract this, many manufacturers will offer discounts or rebates when you install a system in the fall.

4. Installer Incentives

HVAC installers also look at autumn as a time when they need to work to increase their business. Many installers will offer incentives that range from discounts on labor to extended labor warranties with new installations.

5. More Time to Research

The most important reason to plan your HVAC replacement for the fall is the time to research. If you’re replacing equipment in the fall, you’re doing so proactively rather than because of a major issue.

This gives you the time to get quotes from multiple installation companies as well as research the current units available. It also gives you the opportunity to budget for the replacement, allowing you to get the best system for your home.

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