February 20, 2019
The Most Important Areas in Your Home for Ventilation

Your home needs to breathe through proper ventilation. That breathing is important to the long-term health of the structure as well as the health of your family. A lack of ventilation will exacerbate poor indoor air quality, so it’s essential to ensure you have good ventilation in certain areas of your home.

Why Is Ventilation Important?

Modern homes are designed to keep heat out in the summertime and keep it in in wintertime. This is great from the perspective of energy-efficiency but not so much indoor air pollution. There are airborne pollutants in your home. If you’re not getting any fresh air into the home, then those pollutants become more concentrated and thus dangerous. At Brisk Air, we often emphasize air duct cleaning to our customers in Coral Springs for this very reason.

Types of Ventilation

There three main types of ventilation: natural, spot and whole-house. Natural ventilation cannot be precisely controlled or controlled at all. It ranges from windows to cracks in the home. Spot ventilation is localized, such as a bathroom exhaust fan. Whole-home systems use fans and ducts to supply and exhaust air.

Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilation

There are a number of modern ventilation systems that are designed to provide fresh air to home while remaining energy-efficient. One example is a heat recovery ventilator. An HRV uses exhaust air to preheat the supply of fresh air. An alternative is an energy recovery ventilator. An ERV works by removing moisture from or adding moisture to the incoming air, which reduces the load on the system.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is imperative as excess heat will most certainly diminish the lifespan of your roof. However, it’s vital that ventilation strategies for your attic are employed within the context of overall ventilation. There can be a balance between what you need and what the building requires.

Better Ventilation Today

At Brisk Air, we’re serious about ventilation and indoor air quality. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services for residential customers. Call us at your convenience to learn more.

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