June 17, 2020

Summer can be quite tough on your indoor air quality. While the warm weather aids in outdoor fun, the air inside your home can suffer from a buildup of irritating allergens and potentially harmful pollutants. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to alleviate these problematic indoor air issues. Here are three of the biggest effects of summer on your indoor air quality.

1. Increased Pollen

There’s not much you can do about the amount of pollen that’s outdoors. However, the outside air is circulating and being refreshed by the wind. Inside your home is another matter. The pollen that enters your home may be accumulating because of inadequate ventilation and poor air filtration.

Modern homes tend to be built airtight, which is great for energy usage but not so great for indoor air quality. Besides poor circulation, your air filters may not be doing an adequate job in removing pollen and other small particles from your air. If you are an allergy sufferer, then these particulates can cause you extra misery. Adding a ventilator will help by bringing in more air from outside, and there are several filtration aids that can reduce the accumulation of pollen.

2. Higher Humidity

Most cooling systems will take care of some of the extra humidity in your home. But during the summer, humidity levels increase, and your system may have a harder time keeping up. Dehumidifiers can help take out the extra moisture and installing ultraviolet lights in an HVAC system will eliminate microbes that may be present due to the increased humidity.

3. More Pet Dander

Many homeowners have indoor pets that add a lot of joy and comfort to life. These same pets may be a source of allergic reactions, though, if they are shedding hair and dander. Dogs tend to shed more hair in the summer months, and you may be hard-pressed to keep this additional hair removed from your home. Installing air purifiers and better filtration can reduce the amount of pet hair and dander indoors.

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