September 14, 2019
Should You Purchase a Service Contract for Your HVAC System?

Florida residents depend on air conditioning all year in many cases. This is especially true if you have children or seniors in the home. With such a dependence on things to work right, it’s worth looking into an HVAC maintenance contract. However, is such a document worth it, and exactly what are the benefits? These are common questions regarding maintenance contracts. Here are some tips to consider.

Most maintenance agreements will cover one or more components of your home’s system. This can include air conditioning, heating, or both. Another factor is exactly what’s included in the service. If these are simple DIY items that you can complete on your own, it might just be cheaper and easier to complete them yourself. If the service is comprehensive and will keep your HVAC system running without preventable repairs, it’s probably a smart choice.

How Often Does Service Happen?

You may wonder how many service calls will you receive each season or each year. Since not all maintenance agreements are created equal, you’ll want to ask these questions upfront. Service is typically once or twice a year.

Billing and Renewals

Of course, you’ll want to know how you’re billed and how you’ll pay. Does the contract automatically renew each year? Do you need to call for service appointments, or will you receive a reminder?

Discounts on Maintenance

Another important consideration is whether you’re entitled to any other discounts, such as emergency repair services and priority scheduling. Many agreements offer these features and more whereas some just cover the basics, which is sufficient for some customers. Overall, you’ll make a wise decision when you have all the information with a cost-savings comparison.

Happy to Provide You With Savings and More

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