October 20, 2020

Is It Worth It to Leave the Air Conditioner Running?

Leaving the air conditioner on during the day seems to make sense. When you arrive home from work or wherever else you go, the interior should be at the preferred temperature when arriving. Still, it might not be the best strategy to let the system run.

A Running Air Conditioner Wastes Energy

When the air conditioning system runs for several hours a day, a lot of electricity ends up wasted. There’s no reason to cool an empty house and run up such a massive carbon footprint. Plus, you will increase more than just your carbon footprint. Expect your electricity bill to be massive. Running the air conditioner an extra 40 or 50 hours a week comes with expenses that could be avoidable.

Working Against the Concept

An AC unit works by drawing out heat and sending in cold air. Some suggest it works best when running at full power and “attacking” a hot interior. Allowing the air conditioner to run all day would undermine the full-power concept. Working toward the system’s most efficient capabilities seems advisable.

Parts Begin to Strain

Running the cooling system without a break for entire days over several weeks puts stress on the unit. Parts might wear down prematurely. The air conditioner’s life could lose several years, which is not something a homeowner wants. Giving the equipment a break might prevent a premature demise.

When problems do occur, contacting a repair technician is wise. BriskAir handles air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance. Our team serves Coral Springs and nearby regions in the Sunshine State.

Think About a Smart Thermostat

Installing a programmable smart thermostat might be the solution to a homeowner’s concerns. Set the timer to turn on the air conditioner and bring the temperature to a preferred setting at the desired time.

Founded in 1972, BriskAir helps with air conditioning services and other service requests. We are a provider of top systems made by Lennox, Mitsubishi Electric, and others. Besides cooling services, we also offer air duct cleaning and indoor air quality work. Call our office today to schedule a home visit and receive an estimate.

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