June 20, 2023
Air Conditioning Repair in Coral Springs, FL

When you turn on your home’s air conditioner, you expect to feel cool air pouring out of your vents. But what if your air conditioner is releasing warm air? The first thing to do is to call a qualified HVAC technician. This professional can diagnose and fix the issue. Not surprisingly, there are many reasons why an AC unit delivers warm air instead of cool air. Clogged filters, a malfunctioning thermostat, and leaky ducts are all common culprits, but the following issues can also cause this problem.

Dusty Evaporator Coils

The purpose of the evaporator coils in an AC unit is to absorb the warm air inside your home. A buildup of dirt and dust on these coils can prevent them from absorbing warm air. A qualified HVAC technician knows how to clean this important component so that it can serve its purpose with efficiency. You can also help prevent the issue by reducing dust levels in your home through regular cleaning and vacuuming.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant inside your AC unit also plays an important role in absorbing warm air from the interior of your home. If there is a refrigerant leak, your unit won’t be able to cool the rooms in your home. Due to the harmful nature of the chemicals involved, this issue should only be addressed by an HVAC professional. Regular inspections can identify problems before they affect cooling performance.

A Failing Condenser Fan

Sometimes, the blades of an air conditioner’s condenser fan can become warped. Or, there can be an electrical issue that causes the fan to malfunction. If your condenser fan isn’t working as it should, your AC unit won’t be able to cool your home. While you can help prevent this issue by avoiding obstructing the condenser unit with anything that can damage the blades, fixing the problem requires the expertise of a skilled technician.

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