June 14, 2021
Home Cooling Solutions in Coral Springs, Florida

You may think it’s impossible to keep your home cool if you don’t have an air conditioner or if you are waiting for a new air conditioner in Coral Springs, FL. However, this is not true. There are a variety of ways you can naturally cool your living space without air conditioning.

Close the Blinds

Close your blinds, shades, or curtains when it’s hot and sunny outside. This can help to block as much as 25% of the heat from getting into your home. You should also ensure that if you have curtains, they’re light in color so that they can better reflect sunlight. Dark-colored curtains will absorb heat.

Set Your Ceiling Fan to Counter-Clockwise

Your ceiling fan can both cool and heat your space. When you set it to spin counterclockwise, it will cool as it pushes air down. If it’s very hot outside, you can also increase the speed of the fan. You’ll get a nice breeze inside your home.

Turn on Exhaust Fans

Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to eliminate the humidity. You can keep your home cooler and save money on your energy bills at the same time when you do this.

Create a DIY Air Conditioner

You can create your very own DIY air conditioner using a bowl of ice and a fan. Place ice cubes into a bowl, and place the bowl in front of a fan. When you run the fan, the air will blow a cool mist from the ice cubes to cool you off.

Create a Cross Breeze

You can use two fans to create a cross breeze to keep your home cool. One fan can blow cool air whereas the other can pull hot air away from you. Set up two fans, and test them out in the spots of your choice.

Add Insulated Window Films

Installing insulated window films can also keep your home cool without air conditioning. They can reduce the amount of heat that gets in by up to 98% compared to regular windows. You can also save on your energy bills.

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