May 22, 2023
Ductless Mini-Split System Installation in Coral Springs, FL

A garage offers valuable space, but in the summer, it can potentially get very hot. Fortunately, there are some ways to cool this area so that it can be more comfortable.

Basic Options

Improving ventilation can make a big difference in a garage. If you can open a door or a window, cooler air can flow in. Otherwise, the air inside the garage can get hot and stay trapped in place. If possible, create a cross-breeze. Opening up more than one window or a window and a door will encourage the air to move through the garage.

Another tip is to give your garage some shade. A large tree or two could give your garage some relief from the intense sunshine in the summer, and it can make an impact on how hot your garage feels.

More Involved Solutions

You could also add a ceiling fan to the garage, as long as you have the necessary clearance. A ceiling fan can keep the air moving, and it could be even more effective when the windows or doors are open.

Improving insulation can be a smart strategy as well. Garages tend to be poorly insulated, but you can change this by adding insulation to the exterior walls and ceiling. Some manufacturers even make insulated garage doors.

If you want a more permanent solution, consider having a ductless mini split installed. Ductless mini splits can go just about anywhere, making them ideal for use in a garage. Ductless systems can cool spaces very quickly, especially if some insulation has been added.

Ready to Assist You

At Brisk Air, we offer satisfaction guarantees on our work and always strive to meet our customers’ high expectations. Our team has extensive experience with heaters, air conditioners, mini splits, indoor air quality systems, and commercial HVAC systems. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we can handle projects of any scope. Call Brisk Air if you need help with a mini split in Coral Springs or would like assistance with any other HVAC product.

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