July 26, 2022
AC service in Coral Springs, FL

Selecting a multi-zone HVAC system is a choice many home and business owners make in order to save money, reduce environmental waste, and keep their properties at a comfortable temperature. Understanding how this system works can encourage you to get one installed.

Establishing Zones

Figuring out the zones is an early step in the process. Zones are determined based on square footage, layout, and the needs of the home or business. For example, if your home has two stories and a basement, you might decide that each floor should be its own zone. In a robust one-story house, the bedrooms and living spaces might be separate zones. Each zone gets its own thermostat.

Connecting Zones

Each zone will have a set of connected dampers that control the air flow into the space. Then, each zone is connected back to the central system. When you adjust the thermostat in a zone, a signal is sent to the central system to release either warm or cool air into the zone. Although the central system controls the airflow, only the zone in which you adjusted the thermostat will change in temperature.

Preserving Money and Energy

A multi-zone HVAC system offers savings in terms of both money and energy. A single-zone system would have to work harder to provide heating or cooling to a large space. With a multi-zone system, the system is using energy to heat or cool smaller areas, which also can lead to a reduction in bills.

Creating a Comfortable, Practical Environment

Choosing multi-zone heating and cooling can also allow you to tailor the environment to your household members’ preferences and to make practical decisions. For example, at night during the hotter months, you can turn the temperature up in the living spaces and down in the bedrooms.

Brisk Air, serving Coral Springs and the surrounding areas, can help you choose the right residential or commercial HVAC system. Our company also offers air duct cleaning, mini splits, and indoor air quality services. You can schedule maintenance and repairs on your air conditioning and heating units as well. Contact Brisk Air today for an appointment.

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