May 22, 2019
How Do You Check for Air Leaks in a Home?

Air leaks are an issue within the context of energy efficiency. If the leaks are severe enough, those problems can be substantial. If you’re worried about losing valuable conditioned air, then there are a number of test methods at your disposal.

The Hand Test

At Brisk Air, we offer a broad range of home comfort services to customers throughout Coral Springs and the neighboring communities. We often recommend the hand test because it is simple and has low requirements. If it is hot enough to run the air conditioner, place your hand on windows and vents and near electric outlets. If you feel hot air, then you may have a leak. This test works when it is cold and you have the heat on as well. Check for coldness in those spots.

The Candle/Incense Test

You can use a candle, incense, or something similar for this test. Ideally, you should turn off the central air, ceiling fans, and anything else that will blow the smoke around. Place the candle near windows, baseboards, outlets, or wherever you suspect a leak. Let the flame settle. If it dances around, you may have a leak. Further evidence will be smoke being drawn out of the home or pushed into it.

The Air Leak Detector Test

This is a test you may want to hire a pro for. However, if you have an air leak detector available or want to purchase one, they are quite accurate. They will even indicate blue or red depending on whether the air being leaked is warm or cool.

The Professional Test

A professional can perform a blower test and give you a more accurate assessment. You may want to just skip straight to this step if your concerns are serious. At Brisk Air, we focus not just on heating and cooling but also indoor air quality. Call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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