December 20, 2019

Is your home not as comfortable as you’d like? Perhaps comfort is all right but it costs more than you’d like. Let us consider some resolutions that can make a difference in 2020.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Brisk Air has provided a full range of heating, cooling, and other home comfort services to Coral Springs and its neighboring communities since 1972. A smart thermostat is our leading recommendation because such devices are relatively inexpensive and make a big difference with comfort and cost.

Learn Your Smart Thermostat

Take the time to learn your device. Create profiles for each season. You should also consider the EPA temperature recommendations. From those starting points, move up and down to find your sweet spot. Program your days in individual parts, such as while home, sleeping and away.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Schedule a home energy assessment, which many companies provide at no charge and without obligation. Such audits not only encompass your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning but insulation, weather sealing, indoor air quality, and other factors.

Plan an Improvement List

Use that audit to create and prioritize a list of improvements that need to be made in order to reach your comfort targets and make your home more cost-effective to operate. The best order for replacements and upgrades depends on your home. If you have heating and/or air conditioning equipment that is older than 15 years, replacing those systems can often make the biggest difference in monthly cost due to how far such technologies have evolved over the last decade or so.

Achieve Better Home Comfort in 2020

Brisk Air in Coral Springs, FL is a company you can trust. We want to help you achieve better comfort in 2020 and at a great price too. We’re a second-generation family-owned and -operated company that makes 100% customer satisfaction a focus. Call today or contact us online to learn more about our heating and cooling services.

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