January 18, 2019
Does Rain Damage My Heating System Over Time?

The average annual precipitation in Florida is 59.21 inches. This is considered normal. Manufacturers design HVAC systems to handle 59.21 inches of rainfall scattered throughout the year. Thus, under normal circumstances, your heating system can handle this much annual rainfall.

Your system is also designed to handle rainfall under normal environmental conditions. So if the average temperature in Florida hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the average humidity remains between 93 and 74 percent, then the weather should never affect your HVAC system as long as the rainfall levels also remain normal.

What About Flooding?

Ongoing flooding can severely impact a heating system’s performance over time. So if the Sunrise area experienced above-normal rainfall levels over a period of several weeks or months, flooding could impair your heating system’s ability to function correctly.

An excessively wet heating system could experience clogging, wire corrosion, pest invasion, or problems with electrical connections if water gets into the wiring. These conditions could lead to other problems throughout the unit. You may have to contact a Brisk Air HVAC technician to perform HVAC repairs, clean out your system or replace a part.

Internal Corrosion

If your AC unit is not properly insulated or covered during a heavy rain season, some parts such as the coil may corrode. You also need to make sure that the unit has adequate ventilation to prevent moisture and condensation from building up inside the system.

If too much moisture or humidity stays trapped inside the unit, the wires and rubber will either rot or corrode. Proper ventilation also prevents mold and mildew from developing throughout the components. If you suspect that the equipment is damaged due to moisture or humidity, then contact a Brisk Air technician to inspect and repair the heating system. We can clean out the unit and replace any parts that are suffering from corrosion.

HVAC Repair Service in Sunrise, Florida

If water has damaged your heating system, then contact Brisk Air. We offer comprehensive HVAC installation, repair and ongoing maintenance service for commercial and residential properties in Sunrise, Florida, and the surrounding area. To find out more about services or to schedule maintenance, call us today. You can also send a message on our contact page.

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