Relax With a Trusted AC Repair Service in Sunrise and the Surrounding Areas

    If you’re like most people in the Sunrise and the South Florida area, you can’t go very long without your air conditioning. Even if it isn’t sweltering outside, the temperature inside can quickly escalate to unsafe temperatures, especially for children or pets. At Brisk Air, we recognize the urgency of an air conditioning repair call and can dispatch one of our repair experts as soon as possible to work on any type of system.

    Top Signs You Need an AC Repair

    Aside from the obvious complete breakdown, there are many things that could go wrong with your air conditioner. A few definite cues that something is amiss include:

    • Poor Airflow: This could be a serious sign indicating your compressor is failing. Or it could be something with an easier fix such as an obstruction. Whatever the cause, poor airflow is not normal.
    • Unfamiliar Noises: Not every system is perfectly quiet, but if you begin to notice odd noises, you should probably get it checked out. These noises include squealing, grinding or banging.
    • Thermostat Issues: A thermostat is such a tiny, simple device, but when it isn’t working properly, it can seem like there is something seriously wrong with your HVAC system.

    If you experience any change in the performance of your air conditioner, it is generally a good idea to have someone take a look. Small problems can easily snowball!

    Speedy, Quality AC Repairs

    We never leave an air conditioner in disrepair.

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    Want Real Results? Choose Brisk Air

    Our licensed experts will do whatever it takes to find a solution that lasts for your air conditioner. Part of this dedication involves a willingness to think outside the box and assess what is wrong on a system by system basis. We can give a steadfast solution based on what is really going on with your unit.

    If you need a fast repair, call us at (954) 369-1639. You will feel the difference! We also offer air conditioning and heating installation and maintenance services!