October 15, 2018
Why Product Warranties are Important

If you’re like most consumers, you spend a lot of time researching the price and the performance of new systems when you’re shopping for a new furnace. However, most of us spend little or no time to analyze what type of warranty the system’s manufacturer offers. While this part of the sales package is less glamorous than energy efficiency or cost savings, it’s still an important part of the transaction.

Why Product Warranties are Important

A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that the heating system will perform as advertised and outlined in the sales documents. Because factory defects are often not apparent simply by looking at the system, warranties provide a way for the manufacturer to make it right to the buyer should he or she have issues with the system shortly after purchase. Most warranties have a time limit and many limit the parts of the system that are covered.

1. Protection Against Repair Expenses

A strong warranty gives you confidence that the manufacturer feels they have produced a quality product. If something fails on their heating system, they are willing to stand behind it.

2. Value When Reselling Home

Many warranties are transferable. That means the new owner of your home can take advantage of the warranty protection if he or she has an issue with the furnace after you’ve sold your home.

3. Reason to Keep Up Maintenance

Most warranties require that you follow through with regular annual maintenance. This gives homeowners one more good reason to do what is already a good idea, one that can extend the lifetime of your heating system and its energy efficiency.

Furnace Maintenance in Sunrise, FL

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