July 11, 2018
What is Super Cooling?

Super cooling is a technique that can be used to save money on air conditioning bills. It uses the fact that air conditioning chills everything in a house all at the same time. If you run the air conditioner long enough and at the right time, you could save a lot of money. Super cooling is only great if you can handle the changes in temperature.

A Guide to Super Cooling:

Time of Day Savings Plan

Contact your power company to get a time of day savings plan because it is less expensive at certain hours. Those hours differ depending on the season. They also apply all day on national holidays, at night, and on the weekends.

Adjust Thermostat Settings For Off-Peak

Once you get the plan, set the temperatures on your thermostat during the hours when the cheaper rates are available. Set it to be 68 to 74 degrees and let it run at that setting during off-peak hours. If you need to run appliances, this is the right time. The temperatures may get really low for some time so it is wise to stay warm.

Adjust Thermostat For On-Peak Hours

After the off-peak hours are over, adjust the thermostat to the warmest summer temperatures. Since everything will have been chilled, the house will stay cool for a while.

Just like that, you will be able to save 25 to 50% on your power bills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Cooling

1. Does super cooling affect the functioning of my AC units?

No. It does not. The only period of stress for your AC unit is at startup. It actually gets less wear and tear because it stays running and isn’t cycled on and off.

2. How much money can I save?

Depending on how strictly you follow the plan, you could save anywhere between 25 to 50% on your energy bills.

3. Why does my house get warm just shortly after the AC system turns off during the on-peak period and how can I stop it?

That could mean that your house did not get cool enough during the on-peak period. If it did have enough time to cool, reduce traffic in the house and avoid activities that generate heat.

Super Cooling with Brisk Air, Inc.

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