May 14, 2020

Programmable and smart thermostats use a battery to provide power to their touchscreens. If the battery’s charge drops too low, the thermostat will stop working. Knowing how to change a thermostat battery can help you to prevent comfort disruptions in your Coral Springs, FL, home.

Verify the Battery Requirements

Different makes and models of thermostats use various types of batteries. The owner’s manual for your thermostat should explain which type to use and how many of them you need. The manual may also recommend a specific brand of battery. If it does, be sure to use that type. Choosing a different brand of battery could void your thermostat’s warranty. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you can look it up online with the model number.

Steps to Changing the Thermostat Battery

Changing a thermostat battery only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  • Open or remove the thermostat’s housing
  • Locate the battery
  • Use your fingers to pull out the battery
  • Insert the new battery as marked
  • Close or replace the housing
  • Turn on and reprogram the thermostat
  • Reconnect the smart thermostat to your Wi-Fi
  • Properly dispose of the spent batteries

Do not use any tools to remove the thermostat’s battery. Doing so could scratch or damage the contact plates.

How Often to Change the Battery

If you use your thermostat’s screen every day, it will use the battery’s charge in less time. You should replace it every six months. A good time to do it is when you change your smoke detector batteries. If you only rarely update the settings on your thermostat, the batteries should last for one year.

Changing your thermostat’s battery helps to prevent disruptions to your indoor comfort. At Brisk Air, our qualified technicians are able to do this for you during a tune-up. We can also provide you with reliable heating and cooling repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation. services. Count on us for duct cleaning, indoor air quality services, and replacement air filters as well. To learn more about changing your home thermostat’s battery, call us at Brisk Air in Coral Springs today.

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