November 20, 2018
Heat Pump Vs. Furnace for Your Sunrise Home

When it comes to keeping your Sunrise home warm in winter, are you better off going with a furnace or a heat pump? Both heating systems offer certain pros and cons that you should take into consideration before you make a decision. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps and furnaces.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps offer better energy efficiency than furnaces. When you have a heat pump, it moves air from outside into your home in order to warm it up. Furnaces have to use gas to generate heat, which results in a higher amount of energy needed. Heat pumps can save you more money on your energy bills due to their energy efficiency compared to furnaces.

Life Span

In terms of expected lifespan, furnaces offer more of an advantage. Furnaces typically last longer than heat pumps and endure less wear and tear over time. Heat pumps run all year long since they heat and cool homes. This results in more wear and tear on their components and a shorter lifespan overall.

Installation Costs

Furnaces typically cost less to install than heat pumps. However, you should keep in mind that you can end up having more cost savings in the long run with a heat pump due to its better energy efficiency. Another factor to consider is that you don’t need to have a heating system and a central air conditioning system at your home when you have a heat pump. Since these systems heat and cool homes, you only need to have one system installed and maintained.


Heat pumps are more eco-friendly than furnaces, such as gas furnaces. They use electricity to run, but they don’t require the use of gas or other fossil fuels to generate heated air. When you choose a heat pump for your home, you’re getting a heating system that uses a renewable source of energy rather than fossil fuels.

Furnace Repair Professionals

If you need additional help deciding between a heat pump or furnace for your Sunrise home, contact Brisk Air. We carry quality furnaces and heat pumps to help you heat your home efficiently.

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